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      ARMA International Educational Foundation Announces Partnership with ARMA International

      Oct 10, 2013

      Overland Park, KS October 3, 2013:  The ARMA International Educational Foundation (AIEF) today announced a partnership with ARMA International, a leader in information governance with more than 27,000 members worldwide.

      As part of the agreement, the organizations will execute an annually reviewable agreement for ARMA International to perform specific operational and financial services, including: customer service, event management, financial budgeting, donor tracking, and research, in addition to scholarship, fund raising and marketing duties, on behalf of the AIEF.

      “The donors and volunteers that support the AIEF are enthusiastic about joining forces with ARMA International,” said Preston Shimer, FAI, AIEF administrator. “This agreement ensures a long-term and strategic continuity for the foundation, in addition to an increased capacity for the AIEF and our fundamental efforts.”

      Originally an outgrowth of ARMA International, the AEIF strives to help define the future of records and information management by funding research and educational opportunities and developing personal capabilities in information management by awarding grants, scholarships, and fellowships to promising individuals in the field.

      “The AIEF is a foundation with a clear focus on research and education, while ARMA International's members rely on us to provide industry-leading education and resources related to information governance. This partnership will be beneficial to all involved; it really feels like the AIEF is coming home,” said ARMA International CEO Marilyn Bier, CAE.

      “Ultimately, this purposeful decision was the outcome of strategic planning by the AIEF, which led to dialog with ARMA International leadership concerning essential financial and operational aspects of the foundation,” said Nick DeLaurentis, IGP, CRM, AIEF chairman. “As an advocate and member for both organizations, I have no doubt that this fit will be seamless and productive.”


      The ARMA International Educational Foundation (AIEF), which was incorporated August 11, 1997, received its 501(C)(3) tax-exempt status in January 1998. The AIEF is an outgrowth of ARMA International that helps define the future of records and information management by funding educational opportunities and instruction to individuals for the purpose of developing their capabilities in the area of records and information management; funding scientific research in records and information management; and awarding grants, scholarships, and fellowships to individual students and educational institutions to further promote and develop records and information management.


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