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      From the CEO: ARMA International in the News

      Mar 02, 2016

      Recently, I’ve seen multiple stories come across my news feed mentioning ARMA International. These articles are a very visible sign of the passion for what we do, and goes to show how much our industry is growing and evolving. There are several great minds speaking their opinions on an ever-changing topic, but one thing is for sure: ARMA International is sound. For the past 60 years we have been the most consistent education source for thousands of industry professionals. We now carry a top certification, namely the Information Governance Professional (IGP) and have a large network that expands across the U.S., Canada, and overseas.

      Over the last few months, we have received great insight from research as to what changes should take place within our association to move us forward, and we take that insight to heart. At our core, our value lies within our educational strength and strong chapter community, but we know to stay ahead of the curve and to improve our member experience, changes must occur. ARMA International is powered by a smart, honorable board and hard-working, innovative staff. We have plans in place to start rolling out our new initiatives soon. As they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and I appreciate the patience and support displayed by this extremely loyal membership.


      Bob Baird, IGP, PMP
      ARMA International CEO

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